7/23 Handmade In Japan Fes 2016の 準備 / 7/23 Handmade In Japan Fes 2016 Preparations

2016年07月19日 11:49




連休中は出店予定のハンドメイドインジャパンフェス2016 の準備をしていました。












A three-day weekend has ended.
During taking consecutive holidays, Handmade In Japan Fes 2016.
It's also for the first time also to go out to see, so it's happening and, but I'll also bring the goods you carried in CREAweb, so please drop in at the person who is planning to be here on Saturday on the 23rd.
Ishiza of this wax who was preparing in front of the plainness?
It's this necklace who wrote that mana-san wanted.
Luna's green calcite necklace