NEWセラピーへ / To a NEW therapy.

2016年04月24日 22:26




音叉ヒーリングでお世話になっている、 空さんが新しく始めたセラピー 。










結果は状態もよくて、 バランスも取れているとのことでした。


毎月の音叉ヒーリングと、パソコン作業中に聞いている ヒーリングミュージックや周波数、寝る前の呼吸法のたまものかな。 なんて思います。








女神のメッセージ / 心のさえずりに耳を


A metatron therapy was being received yesterday.
The therapy Ms.Ku where it's under care by tuning fork healing has begun newly.
Oriental medicine and an idea of Ayurveda are taken in widely, and metatron is the healthy equipment which checks a balance of a mind and body by fusion of the world most high technique and folklore medicine. 
To support the power of the autogenous healing of a body and the homeostasis, it's developed by a Russian research center, and it's widely used in all over the world centering on Russia and Europe. 
I observe whether information communication is made of a frequency (1Hz-9Hz) successfully, go into details (about 800 points) and check the balance state of the body by a condition of putting. 
-From a blog of Ms.Ku-.
The state was also good, and it was said that the result was also well-balanced.
A present for modal monthly tuning fork healing, healing music heard during PC work, frequency and previous breath which lies idle? What do you think as?
Well-balanced important thing.
Today's coordination.
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Message of the goddess / Listen to the song of the heart