Baby Ring

Baby Ring


♕ Message of the goddess /  New brightness ♔


Why don't you present as baby mama gift?

From one piece of stone is available to be designed.


Material: K18YG (Mirror finish)

Width: Approx...1.9mm

Thickness: Approx...1.6mm

Inner Diameter: Approx... 10mm



Plain ¥25,920 (tax included)

January/With garnet ¥28,280 (tax included)

February/With Amethyst ¥28,490 (tax included)

March/With Aquamarine ¥28,800 (tax included)

April/With Diamond ¥30,850 (tax included)

May/With Emerald ¥29,820 (tax included)

June/With Freshwater Pearl ¥28,180 (tax included)

July/With Ruby ¥29,310 (tax included)

August/With Peridot ¥28,380 (tax included)

September/With Blue sapphire ¥28,800 (tax included)

October/With Pink Tourmaline ¥28,900 (tax included)

November/With Blue Topaz ¥28,590 (tax included)

December/With Turquoise 28,380 (tax included)